Our Product

Our business management suite offers a simple way for any business, in any industry, to organize all aspects of your day to day activities in the most efficient way possible. By utilizing what Core Influx developed as micro apps, we can create differing views for different departments to work individually or cohesively while sharing data under one umbrella. For example, our budgeting app can share data to the sales team, while updating the contact roladex used by marketing to send emails.

By separating our micro applications used by departments while instantaneously sharing data from one app to another, we can start creating a holistic approach and an efficient business-wide workflow.



The Core offers the following micro apps in our default suite:

Contact Roladex

Project Management


Document Management

Photo Gallery

Scheduling / Task Management



Additional a la carte micro apps can be added upon request:

Budgeting / Accounting

Inventory Management

Procedures and Training

Sales Pipeline

Content Management / Websites