Our Product

Our business management suite offers a simple way for any business, in any industry, to organize all aspects of your day to day activities in the most efficient way possible. By utilizing what Core Influx developed as micro apps, we can create differing views for different departments to work individually or cohesively while sharing data under one umbrella. For example, our budgeting app can share data to the sales team, while updating the contact rolodex used by marketing to send emails.

By separating our micro applications used by departments while instantaneously sharing data from one app to another, we can start creating a holistic approach and an efficient business-wide workflow.



The Core offers the following micro apps in our default suite:


One of the most important aspects to running a business is to make sure all finances are accounted for. We've developed an application that will allow our clients to categorize and maintain expenditures, retrieve and store receipts, display profits and losses and send invoices and capture payments.


Clear communication between employees within an organization and an organization with their customers is extremely important. For that reason, we've focused our attention on building a micro app that allows our clients to create email campaigns quickly and efficiently. Our internal messaging system allows for employees to swap information quickly while preventing dirty email inboxes.


The contact rolodex is a simple way to store your contacts, search for important client information, store company data and add additional property values. Our clients can add these contacts to lists and easily merge duplicate information while keeping history associated with a merged contact.


We understand that companies have applications they already use for specific business functions. We have developed a mechanism to connect to existing databases using APIs or updating data in bulk with our Excel data uploader so our clients do not have to worry about losing any legacy data. This can also be customized to accept webhooks so that we can free flow data into the Core in real time.


Our document repository is a good way for our clients to keep all of their files indexed and centrally located for easy storage and retrieval. Additionally, this micro app can generate documents for reports, pitches and proposals using content and data submitted by our clients.


From gathering event information to client data to sending out surveys, our form and landing page builder will allow a client to create form fields and attach it to a templated landing page.


Photos used for collateral, websites, documents and all other business related purposes can be stored in the Core. Additionally, with the use of our cropping tool, a user can download the perfect image for specific use cases, direct from this micro app.


With our partnership with Stripe, the Core point of sales system allows our clients' to accept payments through websites and iOS devices while updating inventory items and sending out relevant communications in one ecosystem. Additionally, we've upgraded the base functionality of this app to include multiple store and POS terminals, gift card utilization, kitchen ticket monitoring, employee management, and custom reporting.


Our unique project management tool allows managers to create project nodes, assign tasks and subtasks to various individuals or groups while keeping track of due dates. The ability to prioritize items within a project and attach document scope(s) help assist managers to stay in the know on various project they are working on. Our task view is a simple yet effective way to help many people associated with a project meet their deadlines and keep a project moving in the right direction.


Making sense of the data your business is entering into the Core is imperative to creating and implementing business strategies. We will work with our clients to understand the best method to display this information and custom build, reports, charts and tables specific to your needs.


Acquiring new business as well as keeping ongoing relationships with your current clientele is extremely important. The core will help guide your sales team through managing their targets in various phases within the sales process. Coupled with our communication tool and our contact rolodex, all of the most pertinent information regarding your sales endeavors are stored in one location and easily accessible via this micro app.


Core Influx will scope, build and develop custom companion apps, that can be installed on a desktop and mobile, which will simplify a users workflow and/or add to existing app functionality. We understand that many users, who are not power users, will not use the majority of a companies deployed core. By deploying these satellite apps, we found users more inclined to interact with the core and thus adding to the accuracy of the overall company-wide data sets.


This micro app can be used as a group reminder, event planner, website publishing applett and anything else your organization will need to schedule.



Micro Apps in progress:

Inventory Management
(Beta Available)

(in Alpha)

Content Management / Websites
(Beta Available)

Learning / Training
(Beta Available)

Menu Builder
(Beta Available)

Team Collaboration
(Launch Q2 2023)

Token Library
(in Alpha)

Portfolio/Experience Management
(in Development)