Our Services

Core Influx provides a wide array of services to make certain that the implementation of our business management application fits the needs of your company. From small businesses to major corporations, we are confident our application will go above your expectations.

Client Onboarding

At Core Influx, we understand that time is valuable. We don't operate with ice breakers and unnecessary meetings. We streamline workflows, communications, and provide solutions and updates on an ongoing basis. We share information with our clients using the Core team collaboration and project management applications, cutting down on the need for redundant meetings while keeping the project moving forward. Key employees will always be able to see the status of our progress in real time, but more importantly communicate and review items on their time. The last thing we want to do is to interrupt a working day unless it is absolutely necessary.

Needs Assessment

This stage will encompass getting to know your business' needs. Understanding what industry you're in, what your current pain-points are with the current software suite you are using as well as diving into your various departmental workflows. We want to understand in depth all aspects of your organization so that we can maximize our product implementation.


Working with the individuals using our application is extremely important to us. The functionality of our software depends on user input as well as user adoption. To aid in this process, we want to spend time to understand the wants and needs of our clients, especially those on your team who are power users. How does the team work and how does our software make the lives of your team more efficient? These are the questions we want to find solutions to.

Sandbox Testing

Unlike most vendors, we want to set you up with a sandbox environment to test the base functionality of our application. This is the platform that we are using to develop on. It has the most basic functionality (purposfully built) so that we can add customizations tailored to the needs of your company.


Using your input, we will break out development into two phases.

The first is to develop the application for the most crucial needs of your business in order to deploy our product and have you up and running for your day to day needs. During this phase, we'll also import all exisiting data and run any API connections to existing platforms if the need arises.

The second phase will complete the overall application deployment with the wish list items that your team had asked for.

During each deployment, we will both alpha and beta test all the new functionality prior to signing off on completion.

Client Maintenance

At Core Influx, we understand that businesses grow and change. We will be there to update your Core application as the needs arise.