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Job interviews are extremely long

I've gone on 2 interviews post pandemic and it seems to me the process is getting longer and longer. Each interview, I've met with who would be my direct manager, their boss as well as all the team members in different group meetings. A round robin of sorts. One was in one day, the other was spread out among 2 weeks. Is it just me or are employees out of their minds. I'm not sure I would have taken either of them seeing how the process is at these companies.

It seems to me that these jobs aren't right for you. The interview process is a great indicator and first line for you as well as your future employer to determine if the job is a good fit for both. There are thousands of jobs up for grab now so keep looking and don't let a few long winded job interviews let you down. Good luck!
Jobs are a dime a dozen. I know I hated the interview process in every job I was a part of. It's one of those necessary evils. I agree with the post above. If you feel anything negative about the process, then that's an indicator that you may not like the processes that company has in place for their employees.