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There are too many meetings!

Is it just me, or are there way too many pointless meetings that waste time and affects productivity?

I'm ok with having a face to face if it makes sense, but when topics are covered that have nothing to do with me or my job function, it seems like a waste.

Especially with Zoom being so easily accessible, I've noticed we have more virtual meetings now.
I've run into this at my job. It almost seems like people show their value by conducting meetings. Elon Musk, said it the best when he mentioned his distain for meetings. It's a waste of productivity and time especially if you have to sit through long winded meetings that have very little to do with you.
Oh gosh, I agree. You can have the same answers given in 1/3 of the time it takes to conduct a full meeting. And because of Zoom, people feel they need to have more!!! Ridiculous.
Don't people have anything better to do than conduct meetings? I know execs hate them, managers hate them, even my coworkers hate them. Talk about a waste of time.
Here's an idea! I think instead of meetings, someone should create a forum like this with a list of points or a video and have people ask their questions or make their own comments. This way the notes are already taken, it will take less time AND people can give their input at their own convenience. This should be a "Core" upgrade Mike! Awesome demo as well!